Skyway Man: Seen Comin' From A Mighty Eye


Someday (J. Wallace)

Someday, you’ll wake up from a dream

climed the stair so high,

sky is blue, the feild is green

and you won’t care what it means.


But it came from somewhere

it comes from somewhere

You came from somewhere too.


The Seer (J. Wallace)

Some bright nation built a network of roads

taught their children law and codes

Sent them outward through the pouring rain

and when they came home they were strange

now they're getting older.


Check the cabin between two rows

underneath a pile of clothes

is a box of letters I once wrote

to Katherine, a long time ago

I was a diferent kind of man


I might've told about the coming end times

all that darkness how the light

brotherhood might save us, I don't know

I used to hear a lot of songs in my head

but I've forgot how they go


Help me, I've been Breathing in

Finally I breath out an older man

The world is passing me by 

and I'm lying on the floor

can you hear me lord? 

I've been here before.


I've been wanderin 'round town for days

trying to fight the old malaise

shells and antlers I've been sleeping on

every night to prepare for the war

called the coming end times


It don't come playing no calliope song

s'not a dream and then it's done

it burns like hell and lasts real long

so pull the dagger out of your arm

and go get back on the road


Help me, I've been Breathing in

Finally I breath out an older man

The world is passing me by 


Help me, I've been Breathing in

Finally I breath out a younger man

Coporeal pain don't reach me anymore

I'm rising from the floor

acending from the world, 

a lord a lord, a lord a lord.


Moonlight shaking on pariah canyon

Chase the shadows before dawn

speak the words that bring the song

sing them once to the void

and fall into the hole


Someday soon we will shed our load

lay beneath a pile of clothes

the old white light will beam us back

to the host, till then hold my hand

tell me I'm not a ghost.




We Both Have Nothing to Fear (J. Wallace)

Lucky me, I was born with hands and eyes

without war within the century 

of the first electrical fire



Burned the boat, bought the farm,

found a bride

Sally works in the feilds

I work on the factory line

Her folks call we say we're doin fine


yeah, if heaven's the light shining 

off the steel

We both have nothing to fear


The weekend band plays 


I watch the sun go down

across the churchyard, across the graves

somehow I always forget to pray


yeah, if heaven's a two-four-time feel

We both have nothing to fear


But I've been wondering 

with part of my mind

when that eagle's gonna call 

to me down from the sky


When Sally dies make a 

rosary for her name

it's just stinging of the heart

and the heart always stings the same

just like I told you yesterday


When you go, 

the light refracts out from your bones

grab it with your fingers first

before it burns out 

and takes you back home

next to your bedstand all alone


yeah, heaven's close I can feel


but I'm still wondering

with part of my mind

when that eagle's gonna call to me

yeah, I've been wonderin a long time

but here we both have nothing to fear.


Terre, 9999 (J. Wallace, A. Jenkins)

Long ago 

they burned our last power store

we took shelter on the ocean floor

lived for centuries on thermal power

‘till Terre Born, our one child flower


Sunday morning, another dawn 

beneath the shore

on the old U.S.S. pearl

you were just a little girl

the sun had never seen ya

it was year 9999, Terre


wandered through the words 

of those before

her slip turned into fall

she stole away and left us all

did anybody see her rising, rising?


Up from the ocean floor

if there's hell, Terre I'm sorry

I hope you see Terrestrial shore

where time is cut from different lengths

it’dt take a lifetime to explain

oh Terre, ain't it all so strange.


Left your necklace

the one connected to your vital signs

lit like a crystal ball

oh the shapes I saw

now I think it's getting fainter

Terre, I'm coming, coming.



Up from the ocean floor

if there's hell, Terre I'm sorry

I hope we meet on Terrestrial shore

our eyes will focus miles away

into the form of the falling rain

ain't it all so strange.


They said the earth was only ash and stone

but I once had a vision of a tree fully grown

so I left our home.


In my cabin

staring out my window pane

I still hold your necklace chain

though the light has gone away

I will never forget ya 

or year, 9999, terre


Someday we'll me on Terrestial shore

Where time is cut from different lengths

Take a lifetime to explain

Oh Terre, Ain't it all so strange


Visions Pt1 (J. Wallace)

Visions and the sound of my blood

have been keeping me awake at night

calm down, roll over, just be still, 

nothings wrong. but it happens all the time

first its a light in the room when there isn’t

I think it’s just my thoughts from the day

but it grows and grows and throws 

the strangestpatterns on the wall

Do ya think I’m alright?


Opportunity / Visions PT2

(J. Wallace, J. S. Hazelwood)


you’ve got throught to me 

I’m powerless this time

you didn’t darken my door, instead

you knocked me right upside the head

you nearly knocked me out


Been following my dreams

when it gets hard, all I want is just to know

it ain’t always gonna be twelve corners

lights, TV, least it’s nice to think so.


Cause high above the town 

the sky is looking down 

with a thoughtful watchful eye

and as I navigate the streets, 

I notice something at my feet, 

what a wonderful surprise


Oh Emily, you’ve been trailing me

and you don’t even know what I’ve done

and what’s still comin’ here.

Oh I tried to leave, but you keep sayin’ 

there is a pattern in the story

I said “lay me down” and don’t go too far.

Just kill the visions.



follow bliss and see 

what’s right under your nose

these days were made for reveling

take away their grace and they can’t 

stand up on their own


And so you think you’re not afraid

and you ain’t cried in a long time

well let me tell you bout the cold wind 

blowin’ through your golden curls, 

it won’t stop ‘till you lose your feet

and fly from the world in a song. 


Oh Emily, you’ve been trailing me

and you don’t even know what I’ve done

and what’s still comin’ here.

Oh I tried to leave, but you keep sayin’ 

there is a pattern in the story

I said “lay me down” and don’t go too far.




Just kill the visions 

and the sound of my blood

fill the space between my hand and my glove

be the only thing to separate me

and the cadaver I’m lyin inside of


Kill the visions and the sound of my blood

the faces in the patterns of mud

be the only thing to separate me

and the cadaver I’m lyin inside of


Wires (Donny Angel and the Opening Wide)

(J. Wallace)

When it was silent for a real long time

way up north in some white cave

all that nothing turned itself into a spark

sounded just like a radio wave


i was listening to the A.M. live

riding to the county fair

hard days before seatbelts in the chairs

but when Donny Angel sang, nobody cared


I rode on the Gravitron

the platform man hit the button 

I looked down, the bottom was gone

and all that force upon my eyes

blanketed my troubled mind

first time I walked upon the wire


Wake up, 

your mother’s gone, you’re just a child,

the ride is done you’re on the ground

and nobody cares when the next ten years

fall off the table and hit with no sound


Sometimes I dreampt I saw my future life

from a firetower in a feild

either saw myself floating away in the sky

or the Donny Angel walking the earth

from the wrong side.


I woke up from the sound

of a lot of geese rustling at the same time

I tuned myself into joining their flight 

‘till what I saw that night 

burned across my troubled mind

from where I’d walked upon the wire


What’d the Donny Angel Say? Shut up.


You gotta stick out your tongue to all 

the feelings you don’t know what to do with

hang your feet from the bridge

while you’re still young

pretend you’re watching the sun come up

from another planet’s sun

(so far behind)


And if your sky catches fire ‘cause the tank

crushed the car with the family inside

and you fly from reason like sparks

or the rocks that you kick down the street

with your heels while you’re waiting for 

the community van that takes you 

and your bag someplace that you’ve 

already been,


Well, someday your memories stop

and turn into chords, fall down, 

they’ll write a song

about that time you fell,

the one you didn’t stand back up

it’ll sound just like they knew you 

stood up every time before


You’ll know it’s comin when you’re

having that same dream

things are moving out real slow

way high above a feild so green

but you don’t know what it means


just stare ‘till you hear the birds

you won’t feel better but

you won’t feel worse


Where was heaven 

when you were stuck in the night? 

Lift off from your tallest tower stairs 

You’ll find it’s all comin clear, 

but it ain’t here yet. 

Donny hail, shake it, fly!


Then come the age they call:

the opening wide

when city riots met the dawn

one time I was chased so hard 

through the streets

my feet lifted and I rose up above


And so I asked what you were doin tonight

let’s spend an hour in the dark

try to look in the eyes of the maker

try to hear the sound of the inside out spark


and if it’s silence chop it up with a knife

until you say you feel the same

let’s get a place downtown by the river

where they bang on the pipes 

and it sounds like the rain, 

how does that sound?


The river flooded and the T.V. died

I saw the channel changing slow

I turned and looked outside 

I had to say outloud

“Is this a window or the city below?


Donny what happened 

to the words you’d write?

they used to lift me like storm

blow me from the ceilings 

of North Church Hillto the floor, 

maybe they’ll bring me back 

home sometime don’t just say I’m right, 

give me nothing for my troubled mind


Just say I’m walking on the wire.


Last night on the water where the 

lights from the fires get thrown, 

I saw Donny sailing by all alone

humming his song of how we only get home 

when all our fears are gone


Someday your memories stop and turn into 

chords, fall down, they’ll write a song

about that time you fell,

the one you didn’t stand back up

hope it sounds just like they knew you 

stood up every time before


Baby lately I’ve been having that same dream

things start zooming out real slow and then 

your face gets hard to see, 

don’t tell me I know what it means 

to stare til I hear the birds

I don’t feel better but I don’t feel worse


Picked up her her bag and I felt sad

knowing it was time for the door 

and another melody that they 

hadn’t found yet probably soon gonna be

just as soon as she pulls her heart 

back from under me


And I’ll have to stick out my tongue to all 

the feelings I don’t know what to do with

hang my feet from the bridge 

like I’m still young, not like I’ve watched 

my son grow up from another planet’s sun



Followed the river to the dry fairgrounds

I climbed the firetower stairs, 

tried to imagine the stain of a war-torn 

plain that was a city

, if the city wasn’t there


When it was silent for a real long time

I took off into the blue

in a week they’ll broadcast 

my name across a wire

or maybe if I land just right.


The Shadow Knows (J. Wallace, A. Jenkins)

Dropped down beneath big city lights

Shined so bright only my shadow could see

He Said "Take me to the window, boy

let me learn how to talk, 

did all the talking for me


Talked to a voodoo man

--opened his mind

Talked to a lawyer 

on the fine points of crime

But when he saw her picture 

with party dress on, Said things 

made me think, 

“maybe my shadow is wrong”


(Little girl), you don't understand 

(what it's like) to have your shadow 

wandering ‘round like a man

(Just sing) to the river fall 

down into your grave go fall down, 

don't make a mess out of me."


(Go fall down.)


Rolling slow over hot summer streets

Pulled into station about quarter to three

My shadow had a notion to cool off 

with a swim, He said 

“You’ve opened my mind, 

now let’s jump in!”


maybe that mystic

--must’ve opened his soul

or discoursing with the driver on the 

great open road Could have been 

her picture with party dress on

come to think, where is my shadow? 

(OH NO!) My shadow is Gone!


He was gone, lost, 

slipped into the stream

I dried off in the air, 

humming bright melody

Should’ve gone to see her first, 

you know that would have been right                                      

After all she meant to me


Knocked on the door 

because the lock had been changed. 

Peeked through the window feeling 

all kinds of strange

Her and my shadow, Goddamn, 

I’m the only one to blame

as I walked away, she called my name


(Little Boy,) You think you love me but 

you don’t understand.

(You don’t need) a talkin’ shadow 

to make you a man (Just Sing)

Sing to the river fall into your grave

The darkness you keep 

is the shadow you save. Goddamn! 


Plane (J. Wallace, M. Elam)

High above the Clouds, 

High above the clouds, My plane


left ya standin in Shinjuku station

Cried my way through the airport line

where I saw clearly the equation to stop time


It's just a matter of multiplication

keepin' your eyes fixed on the ground

and when there's no more cries or shakin'

walk around


yeah, packed a bag and I called it a vacation

told her I would call her when I reached that 

destination I never did, 

yeah, I never made that call

(Goin Down, Goin Down)


Some folks they go with arms out flailing 

Some calmly wait for the heavanly light

you wanna see a frozen frightened face, ya?

go check out the pilot's eyes. 


So here's to you silly captain

I pull back your cheeks to make you smile

all those airplane bottles I've been drinkin

are in piles 


Yeah, I packed a bag and I called it a vacation

Told her I would Call her when I reached 

that destination I never did, 

yeah i never made that call


I saw my plane (Goin Down)

My plane (Goin Down)

I saw my plane (Goin Down)

In Flames (Goin Down)

But we're high above clouds

still high above the clouds

inside smoke and flames, my plane's

goin down.


I'll just keep starin out the cabin window

at the orange-red light of a summer's day

and if you see me from shinjuku station

goin down, let a tear fall from your eye

It just might reverse the equation

send me to the by and by and by and by

 and by and by


goin down, goin down, oh I saw my plane

goin down, in flames, goin down

but we're high above the clouds

still high above the clouds

inside, smoke and flames, my plane

I saw my plane


Old City River (hold tight) (J. Wallace)

Got lost in the mail

seven years washing dishes at Dale's

staring out, a river North flowing

up toward the mouth of pariah 

across the bones of my true love


Chased myself down south

Still got your picture but I'm breakin my vows

hard to build a time machine

from broken things you find


After work sometimes when I walk home

beside City River, instead of my reflection

its yours I find

Sometimes it helps me 

outside the broken dream

Sometimes it's just a Stream


Are you listening?

Hold tight I'm comin*

It's gonna feel like the grand canyon 

rescue episode.


Fought off seasonal hounds

the Carnival finally came into town

fortune teller, a merry go round

a washed up musician made space age sounds

when I knew ya.


a girl with eyes just like yours

smiled at me from a tangerine horse

I threw the mallet down with so much force

straight through the mouth of pariah, of course


And from those banks I swore I saw

the old city river

bring you back safely from it's canyon walls

sometimes it gives me everything that I need

sometimes it's just a stream


Are you listening?

Hold tight I'm comin

Its gonna feel like the Grand Canyon

rescue episode


She always says the same thing

"you're not listening

just try to be happy for a while

and boy, if it ever spins around again,

 catch it as it goes by 


Mighty Eye (J. Wallace, W. Phillips)

I never will forget the day

you held my waist so I could see over the rail

because you said I hadn’t feeled right

for a little while, you took me where we could

see for miles


Somehow I knew before the faultline

swallowed Oakland, a light flashed

through all the little homes so none

left broken


I called the light the carnival light

saw it comin’ from a mighty eye

I’d seen it once in the freezer door

and it kept me awake at night

but you didn’t say nothin’

just focused on not droppin’

we still had a long ways to go without stoppin’

when you were liable to drive all night


I was all alone when I heard the knock 

and the door flew open

they drug me from my room through the streets

where the cards were rollin’

and just before the wheel took my life


I could still see a part of the sky

I searched for the eye


You always talke about the word 

you thought you preached in vain

if only you were talkin’ bout the strange wind

I saw blowin’ every day


saw it blow from the hope in your eyes

when you held me on the rail

saw it blow when the bombs 

over quiet nations fell


and if it’s carnival light

or alien streaks in the sky 

either way they’re just things you think

keepin’ your car between the dotten lines


that come from somewhere

they come from somewhere

they come from somewhere 

come from somewhere

and make you liable 

to drive all night.